Madison True also known as "Maddog" or "DJ Maddog" is an artist, stylist, entrepreneur, and DJ. Atlanta born and Florida/Chicago/Detroit/Indiana raised, her father coined her as "The Maddog" at an early age.

By moving to different cities at a young age she gained an appreciation and understanding for all kinds of music that would later influence her. As a little girl she looked up to creative women for inspiration, confidence and personal power such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, and heavy hitters of 90s club music like Ya Kid K.

This passion behind Maddog's art form and personal drive to DJ is truly the result of a life long creative evolution.

Residing in Indiana, Madison obtains several residencies in her town of Bloomington as well as playing in cities throughout the mid-west. Her sets include genres like house, techno, and trance with improvisations using drum machines and various synths. Recently adding the title "Producer" to her resume, she is beginning to pursue a successful career in music production as a solo artist. 

Madison is tapping into a male dominated music genre where there are no Madonna’s or Beyonce’s paving the way creatively. A music genre known for habitually over-sexualizing women and where women are rarely taken seriously as musicians. Maddog creates and performs music that she hopes inspires others while proving that women have a creative place in electronic music other than being superficially attractive or second-rate DJs.


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